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Member Plan

As required by Commissioner’s Regulations 90.18 (f)(4) each member district of a School Library System is required to complete a Member Plan at least once during a five-year Plan of Service cycle. The plan is intended as both a point for data collection as well as an opportunity for reflection and planning. It should describe how member libraries meet the needs of their students and teachers through resources and programming as well as describe how the libraries make use of the system and its resources. There are four data elements to the member plan:

1) a description of existing library resources and services in a format established by the school library system;
2) procedures for prompt and efficient communication among school library media specialists and reporting to other members of the school community regarding system policies, procedures and services;
3) provisions for periodic reporting, at least annually, to the governing body of the school district or nonpublic school and to administration, regarding participation of the member in system services;
4) assurance by the member and its participants that adequate qualified staff is available to organize and administer the library media program and fulfill system responsibilities.

Completion of the form below meets the reporting requirements of §90.18 and serves as the official Member Plan for the School Library System of the Genesee-Livingston-Steuben-Wyoming Board of Cooperative Educational Services. If you have any questions about completing the member plan, please contact Christopher Harris at cgharris@gvboces.org or by phone at 585-344-7942 or 585-658-7942.

The Member Plan must be submitted electronically by May 17th, 2019. The attached assurances page must by printed, signed by the Superintendent and sent to the SLS offices by May 24th, 2019.