SLS Council

The School Library System Council is an official advisory board that recommends policy, reviews the budget, creates and monitors that SLS Plan of Service, and evaluates SLS services as per ยง90.18. The Council meets four times a year in the afternoons of Communication Coordinator meetings. Members include librarians and representatives from other groups including administrators, technology coordinators, academic libraries, and public libraries.

Council Members (End of Term)

  • Chair: Suzanne Freeman, Avon (June, 2024)
  • Vice Chair: Stacey Donohue, Attica (June, 2025)
  • Secretary:Nichola Lerczak, GCC (June, 2023) [Academic Librarian]
  • Matthew Perry, Alexander (June, 2025) [Technology]
  • Kristie Miller, Alexander (June, 2023)
  • Karen Tran, Le Roy (June, 2023)
  • Jennifer Klepareck, Notre Dame (June, 2024)
  • Amanda Eighmey, Pavilion (June, 2024)
  • Christopher Harris, SLS [Ex Officio]